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We offer a number of group tour packages which have been tailored to include not only the more popular attractions but also the hidden Gems of Wales. With small groups of up to 12 persons we can really get into the places larger tours can't.

Our experienced guides and drivers will take you off the beaten track to experience the real Wales; secluded beaches and peaceful villages sitting in dramatic mountain scenery. Ancient monuments tell of past inhabitants, standing as evidence to their existence, for over 6,000 years man has been part of the land and has certainly left his mark.
Travel with us and discover the true Wales and learn how it’s been shaped over time to the warm welcoming land you now find.

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Tour 1: Itinerary
The Snowdonia Experience
7 night tour visiting the best of Snowdonia.

Tour 2: Itinerary
Taylor made tour

1 day to 14 nights, we shall create your perfect tour form a day tour to an overnight stay on a Dinner, B&B tour package.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Tours can be created for any date and for any length you wish: Please contact us with your requirements

Tour 3: Itinerary
Golfing North Wales

Tour 4: Itinerary Special Offer Available
One day castles of North Wales

Tour 5: Itinerary
7 Nights Garden of North Wales




If you have a particular date in mind contact us






1. Welshmen may have settled America before Columbus.
2. Canada was explored and mapped by a Welshman.
3. America may have taken its name from a Welshman.
4. Pennsylvania is not named after William Penn.
5. St. Patrick was not an Irishman.
6. Wales is not represented on the British Flag.
7. A pungent vegetable is the national emblem of Wales.
8. The Welsh language is not Gaelic.
9. The modern Olympics did not begin in Athens.
10. A Welshman invented Lawn Tennis in Wales.


Slap bang in the middle of Snowdonia this is the heart of the national park. Rugged mountains on 3 sides and sandy beaches along the shore. Slate from Blaenau was the cutting edge of lightweight, roofing technology – grey gold. For years it came down by packhorse to the quays on the Afon Dwyryd and was rowed out on the tide past Portmeirion to waiting ships....... Read more and visit the blog on the Vale of Ffestiniog website


THE WELSH ALPHABET: (28 letters)
A, B ,C ,Ch, D, Dd, E, F, Ff, G, Ng, H, I, L
Ll, M, N, O, P, Ph, R, Rh, S, T, Th, U, W, Y

(Note that Welsh does not possess the letters J, K, Q, V, X or Z, though you will often come across "borrowings" from English, such as John, Jones, Jam and Jiwbil (Jubilee); Wrexham (Wrecsam); Zw (Zoo).

THE VOWELS: (A, E, I, U, O, W, Y)

A as in man. Welsh words: am, ac Pronounced the same as in English)

E as in bet or echo. Welsh words: gest (guest); enaid (enide)

I as in pin or queen. Welsh words: ni (nee); mi (me); lili (lily); min (meen)

U as in pita: Welsh words: ganu (ganee); cu (key); Cymru (Kumree); tu (tee); un (een)

O as in lot or moe. Welsh words: o'r (0re); don (don); dod (dode); bob (bobe)

W as in Zoo or bus. Welsh words: cwm (koom), bws (bus); yw (you); galw (galoo)

Y has two distinct sounds: the final sound in happy or the vowel sound in myrrh Welsh words: Y (uh); Yr (ur); yn (un); fry (vree); byd (beed)

All the vowels can be lengthened by the addition of a circumflex (ä), known in Welsh as "to bach" (little roof). Welsh words: Tän (taan), län (laan)