Snowdonia Tours offer a number of guided tour packages of Wales which have been tailored to include not only the more popular attractions but also the hidden Gems of Wales.

Our guides will take you off the beaten track to experience the real Wales; secluded beaches and peaceful villages sitting in dramatic mountain scenery. Ancient monuments tell of past inhabitants, standing as evidence to their existence, for over 6,000 years man has been part of the land and has certainly left his mark.lake
Vacation with us and discover the true Wales and learn how it’s been shaped over time to the warm welcoming land you now find.

Wales is often called the land of castles, probably because of the 400 or so dotted around the country but that isn’t the whole story, there are spectacular mountains that sweep down to golden beaches, magnificent river valleys flowing into shimmering lakes and lush forests giving sanctuary to a wide range of wildlife.
Vibrant cityscapes give way to villages offering calm and seclusion to travelers, busy beach life sitting comfortably with open countryside crisscrossed by peaceful trails; Wales has it to offer, you just need to find it! ( tourism information about the castles of wales).

harlech castleWe’ve put together an information travel guide to the people and places of Wales aimed at tourists, or indeed any visitors planning a trip or vacation, to help in deciding the most suitable bits for you, just search by area or attraction, alternatively just take a look at the general info pages and see what takes your fancy, something should help you make the most of your welsh vacation. For a copy of the guide email us at: mail@snowdoniatours.co.uk



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